The Extended_Panel plugin

This plugin allows to create an image containing a selection of t-frames (or z-slices) from a given hyperstack, disposed in an array.

Sample output for the Extended_Panel plugin

The figure above illustrates the purpose of this plugin. The source image in that example was a “simple merge” generated by the Unified Merge plugin. Six t-frames from that image were selected and disposed in two rows and three columns.

When the plugin is called, you´re presented with a settings dialog lik the one depicted in the figure below.

Settings dialog for the Extended_Panel plugin

The settings are as follows:

Colums / Rows
Those options define the number of columns and rows to display in the final image.
Selected frames
This is the list of t-frames to include in the final image. Each frame to include is to be specified by its 1-based frame index. If there is less frames than the number of panels in the image (that is, less than the product of Columns and Rows), the last panels will be left blank.
Separator width
If this option is enabled, the panels will be separated by a white line whose width (in pixels) can also be specified.

Note that if the source image contains only one t-frame but several z-slices, the plugin will work with z-slices instead of t-frames.