Pebble keeps a local cache of a vault contents within the $XDG_DATA_HOME/pebble directory. This cache allows Pebble to be used locally without a network connection (for read operations only).

When Pebble is invoked, it checks the age of the cache (as indicated by the cache file’s last modification time). If the cache is older than the value indicated by the max_age setting in the configuration file, or if the cache file does not exists, Pebble will then download the vault contents from the server. Otherwise it will read the contents from the cache.

All later read operations (listing or showing credentials) will be done using the cache, without any network access.


The cache will never contain decrypted credentials.

Write operations (adding, editing, or deleting a credential), however, will always be performed by contacting the server directly, the local cache being updated afterwards. Therefore, such operations cannot be done while offline.

Independently of the max_age setting, the cache can be forcefully refreshed by calling Pebble with the -f or --refresh option. Conversely, the --no-refresh option may be used to prevent refreshing the cache even if it is older than the max_age value (refresh will still occur if the cache does not actually exist).

Local caching for a vault can be completely disabled by setting the nocache key to true in the configuration file. In that case, the vault contents will only be kept in memory and never written to disk, which implies that the contents will have to be downloaded from the server upon each invocation.