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Miscellaneous scripts


dvdripper is a DVD ripping tool built around MPlayer/MEncoder, vorbis-tools and MKVToolnix. It allows to produce a Matroska file containing the desired video, audio and subtitles tracks from a DVD-Video with one single command.

The video track is encoded to H.264 (using x264) in two pass. Audio tracks can be kept in their original format (often AC3) or encoded to Vorbis.

The chapters of the original DVD are automatically used to create corresponding chapters in the resulting Matroska file.

Here is a sample command line:

$ dvdripper -n "My Movie" -t 2 -s 0 -s 1 -a 128:copy -a 129:ogg3 -b 600 -c 704:576:10:10

This would create a file “My Movie.mkv” from the second title (-t 2) of the currently inserted DVD. The file would contain the first and second subtitles tracks (-s 0 -s 1), the audio track #128 in its original format (-a 128:copy), the audio track #129 transcoded in quality 3 Vorbis (-a 129:ogg3), and the video track encoded in H.264 at 600 kb/s (-b 600) and cropped to discard black bands (-c 704:576:10:10). Use dvdripper -l to identify audio and subtitles tracks, and mplayer -vf cropdetect to find appropriate cropping parameters. (text/x-shellscript, 7.4K)


forms is a basic password manager. It associates to a “key”, an arbitrary number of key-value fields (typically, a login/password pair) which can be edited and retrieved from the command line or from other scripts. I use it as a backend for the ”formfiller” script provided with the Uzbl browser.

The key-value fields for a given key are stored into a plain text file under $XDG_DATA_HOME/forms/key (where $XDG_DATA_HOME is a value specified by the XDG Base Directory specification, and defaults to $HOME/.local/share). forms does not encrypt data: this is a task I rather defer to dm-crypt (which encrypts whole partitions). (text/x-shellscript, 1.9K)


tagger is a tool to list or edit metadata tags contained in MP3, Ogg and Flac files. Its main interest is to offer the same command for the three formats (instead of id3v2 for MP3 files, vorbiscomment for Ogg files and metaflac for Flac files). (text/x-shellscript, 6.0K)