Damien Goutte-Gattat

About Me

Damien Goutte-Gattat

I am a life sciences researcher in the , University of Cambridge​1 – but actually physically located in London, United Kingdom.

I got a M.S. degree in Life Sciences at Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, in june 2007. I then prepared a PhD thesis in Cellular and Molecular Biology, which I defended in december 2011. During my thesis, I was a teaching assistant for Université Joseph Fourier.

Please refer to my CV for more details.


My prefered channel of communication is e-mail. Messages sent to my personal address will always reach me, and I will always answer them if appropriate. My messages will be signed with my OpenPGP public key, whose fingerprint is 4FA2 0823 62FE 73AD 03B8 8830 A8DC 7067 E25F BABB.2

For direct conversations, I can also be reached by XMPP-based instant messaging.

Ring ID: 77e56e172fa8c8d6e05b5cddf83677123459dfa0
I am also on the GNU Ring network, where I can be reached with the following Ring ID: 77e56e172fa8c8d6e05b5cddf83677123459dfa0 (or scan the QR code from the Ring application for Android).

I participate in the Friendica decentralized network, you can join me on my instance; you can also follow me from any network supporting the OStatus or ActivityPub protocols.

Other informations

I use only free software; I am a member of APRIL, a French association promoting free software, and also a Fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe. I am an occasional developer, some of my scripts and programs are published on this site and the associated forge.

I contribute episodically to the French Wikipedia, mainly on articles of cellular and molecular biology, and I try to provide Wikimedia Commons with some schematics and illustrations.

I probably cannot deny that I am a geek of some sort (although it may depend on your definition of “geek”), so let’s spit it out:

Version: 3.1

GS d+ s-:- a C++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E--- W++ N++ o? K? w--- O? M-- V? PS+
PE- Y+ PGP++(+++) t 5? X R tv- b+++ DI? D G e++++ h+ r- y?
  1. Views expressed on this website are my own and do not engage the University of Cambridge.
  2. This key has changed in April 2014, see the transition statement.