Research Stuff

I work on chromatin structure, epigenetics and cell division. My PhD thesis was mainly focused on the NHâ‚‚-terminal domain of the centromeric histone variant CENP-A. I showed that the mitotic phosphorylation of that domain is required for the correct segregation of chromosomes in HeLa cells and for the centromeric localization of CENP-C.

During my PhD, I was also involved in research regarding the structure of the nucleosome and the chromatin fiber (Syed et al., 2010, Shukla et al., 2011, and Meyer et al., 2011), and to a lesser extent in work on the transcriptional regulation of ATAD2 (Altintas et al., 2012).

I am now interested in the mechanisms which allow broken chromosomes to be properly segregated in mitosis (Derive et al., 2015), using both cultured human cells and fruit flies as model organisms.