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Bibxmlutils - BibXML Tools

This is the homepage for bibxmlutils, a free software project. It is a set of small programs dedicated to managing bibliographic data.

Bibxmlutils is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License.

Working with Bibxmlutils

Here is a short explanation of how I use each program.

The first step is to populate a BibXML file with bibliographic entries. As I work in the biology field, my primary source for bibliographic references is the PubMed database. The pubmed2bibxml program allows to generate a BibXML file from a PubMed XML file.

The next program is bibxmlmerge, which catenates two or more BibXML files together (it is a sort of cat filter, but with awareness of the BibXML format). This allows to append entries in a BibXML store.

Probably the most important program is bibxmlquery, which allows to search a BibXML file for some entries. This program recognizes a request syntax loosely based on NCBI’s Entrez syntax. For instance, to retrieve all references in bib.xml written by “Smith” (as first author) and published in 2010, one can use the following request:

$ echo "Smith[1AU] AND 2010[DP]" | bibxmlquery bib.xml

Finally, the last program (at the moment) is bibxmlto, which allows to convert a BibXML file to another format. Notably, it can generate a BibTeX file suitable for use with the LaTeX typesetting system (or any other program supporting the BibTeX format). One can also define some custom export formats as XSL/T scripts. For instance, I use a custom XSL/T script (not included yet in the source distribution) to export references in a format suitable for direct inclusion into the French Wikipedia.


The following release tarball(s) is available:

There is also a binary package for Slackware 13.37 (64 bits only):

For Windows users, an installer is available (tested on 32 bits Windows XP only):

bibxmlutils-0.1.0-setup.exe (application/x-dosexec, 2.5M)