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SlackBuilds - Build scripts for Slackware

I have written SlackBuilds for all the program and libraries that I have ever installed on my Slackware system. For those interested, they can all be found in this repository. Pre-compiled packages (built on Slackware64-14.2) are also available.

In particular, I provide SlackBuilds and packages for all the components of the “modern” branch of GnuPG (≥ 2.1), to replace the “stable” branch as provided by Slackware 14.2:

All those SlackBuilds and the corresponding compiled packages are primarily intended for my own usage. Of course everyone is free to use them as they see fit, but please understand that you’re doing that at your own risks.

This is particularly true for the pre-compiled packages. I made them available as a slapt-get-compatible source because people requested it and it was not a hard thing to do, but for the record, if you’re interested in one of my packages I strongly recommend building it yourself using the corresponding SlackBuild.