Free Software Stuff


This document explains how to contribute to my free software projects. Unless mentionned otherwise in a given project, it applies to all projects hosted under

Submitting bug reports

Please send any bug report or feature request to

Since the same address is used for all projects, please prefix the Subject header with a tag indicating which project your message applies to. For example, to report a bug in the Gfsecret project, use something like this:

Subject: gfsecret: gfsec-split crashes when called at 13:37

Alternatively, you can register an account on the forge at, and create new tickets for bug reports and feature requests. Note that some email addresses cannot be used to register an account on the forge, if their domain has been too massively used by bots to register spam accounts. If you have an address in such a blocked domain, you may send me an account creation request at

If you requires privacy (e.g. for a security-related issue), send your email directly to myself (, preferably encrypted with my OpenPGP public key, which has the following fingerprint: 4FA2 0823 62FE 73AD 03B8 8830 A8DC 7067 E25F BABB.

Submitting patches

Please send any patch by email to As above, prefix the header with a tag indicating the relevant project.

Coding style

I have attempted to formally describe the coding style I use for C programs.

I have no such formalized description for my programs written in other languages.