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Pebble - Command-line Passman client

Pebble is a command-line client for the Passman password manager.

It currently only supports read access to Passman vaults: it cannot create or delete vaults, nor it can create, delete or modify entries in a vault. Basically it allows to query a vault from the terminal without having to fire up a browser and navigate to one’s Passman instance.

Configuration and use

Pebble requires a configuration file ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pebble/config by default) describing the vault(s) to use. Here is an example configuration:

user: alice
password: password
vault: MyVault

The file may contain several sections, one for each different vault. When calling the pbl program, use the -s option to specify which section to use (and thus, which vault to connect to). By default pbl uses the first section in the configuration file.

The password field may be omitted, in which case the pbl program will interactively ask the user for the password. Note: This is the Nextcloud password, not the vault’s password! The vault password is always asked interactively.

The vault field is the name of the vault, as chosen when creating the vault in Passman’s web interface.

With at least one vault configured, you may either call pbl without arguments to get a list of all entries in a vault, or with arguments to search and display all entries matching the specified argument(s).

Pebble fetches the vault’s data and cache them locally in $XDG_DATA_HOME/pebble. All entries are stored encrypted. The local cache is refreshed from the server if it is more than 1 day old, this behavior may be changed with the --refresh (force inconditional refresh) or --no-refresh (forbid refresh even if local cache is old).


Pebble is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or higher. The full license is included in the COPYING file of the source distribution.

Homepage and repository

The project is located at The latest source code is available in a Git repository at git:// and may also be browsed at;a=summary.