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Yorkie - A task-oriented GnuPG frontend


Yorkie is a GTK3-based, task-oriented graphical frontend for GnuPG. “Task-oriented” means that, when it is called, the frontend performs a single task (e.g., encrypting a file), then quits. Therefore Yorkie is not a replacement for long-running frontends such as GPA. The intended use for Yorkie is to be called from the context menu of a graphical file manager, to perform cryptographic operations on files.

The frontend gets its name from yorkie (symbol yki), a fruit fly gene coding for a transcriptional co-activator that is a part of the Hippo signaling pathway.


Yorkie depends on the following libraries:


To encrypt and/or sign a file, call yki with the -e option (or no option at all, as encrypt/sign is the default operation) and the pathname to the file to encrypt and/or sign. In the dialog that will pop up, select the settings you want, then click OK to proceed.

To decrypt and/or verify a file, call yki with the -d option and the pathname to the file to decrypt and/or verify. The program will process the file and display the result of the decryption/verification in a dialog box. Click OK to actually write the decrypted or verified data to a new file.

If the file to verify is a detached signature, Yorkie will assume the corresponding signed data is contained in a file within the same directory and with the same name minus a .asc, .gpg, or .sig extension.

Integration with DES-EMA-compliant file managers

Yorkie comes with two .desktop files, installed under the $prefix/share/yorkie directory, to enable calling Yorkie from the context menu of file managers compliant with the DES-EMA specification (e.g., LibFM-based file managers such as PCManFM. Copy these files to your $XDG_DATA_HOME/file-manager/actions directory for your file manager to use them.


Yorkie is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or higher. The full license is included in the COPYING file of the source distribution.

Homepage and repository

The project is located at The latest source code is available at


Download the latest release tarball:

yorkie-0.2.0.tar.gz (application/gzip, 128K, signature)